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STP’s success is heavily depending on put together the right mix of skills and focusing primarily on delivering a solution on time.

THE CLIENT Life Sciences Client
THE CLIENT CHALLENGE The client needed to a solution that gave them more control over their material planning and forecast. Whilst the MRP could have been used. MRP did not allow the client the slice and dice the info so as to adjust decision with demand.
THE SOLUTION STP Consulting, Inc. created a custom manufacturing tool that pulled demand; supply and sales data for all plants. The data was accumulated in SIS /LIS structures. A developer created an interface program that sends the file to a server and triggers excel based macros to present the information for the planner.
  • Ease of use solution;
  • Planner who did not use SAP could get their data on excel;
  • Visibility to all inventory at manufacturing locations and distribution centers.
  • Customer Service gained visibility of backorders to analyze the cause and help set new target build estimates.
THE CLIENT Life Science Client
THE CLIENT CHALLENGE Client needed to implement Quality Module in SAP R/3 Enterprise version.
THE SOLUTION STP brought two consultants with SAP QM and Quality and Control business experience to help during the blueprint phase. The consultant implemented solution to handle checking products coming from suppliers and flag some for inspection. The process was done well enough that client wanted a roll out of the solution to other manufacturing facilities.
  • The right talent for the job. With QM module being fairly new client did not want a beginner or an intermediate resource.
  • They client wanted to get it right the first time.
  • Success at a pilot site was critical to getting funding buy in to roll out to other sites.
THE CLIENT Industrial Safety and Protective Wear – Client
THE CLIENT CHALLENGE The client needed a web based solution to handle customer requirements for customer-branded branded product. The client needed to allow customers to go on their web place an order and provide brand icon together with instructions for building the product.

The client needed to have this service available both for on the phone orders and online orders. They wanted the orders to go directly into SAP R/6 ECC 6.0 system.

THE SOLUTION STP brought consultants functional and technical, covering the functional side, technical ABAP and Web dynpro side. They built the user interface to the client specification, and configured the system pricing to handle the new feature.
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction with a working customer facing solution.
  • The client – which is already on a its 3rd year getting support on projects with STP completed this project at a lower cost than if they had full time.
  • Since the client has long been through difference consulting firms. The client could confidently proceed without worry about delivering on time.
THE CLIENT Technology Client
THE CLIENT CHALLENGE Client needed to re-implement SAP R/3 on an SAP ECC 6.0 system. Close to go live the client lost ABAP developers, but still needed to go live, handle the conversion from SAP 4.6c.
THE SOLUTION A consultant that had worked with STP in the past suggested our team as a solution to quickly respond to loosing resources with critical tasks still outstanding. STP provided 4 developers on a remote basis and took care of every critical objects giving the client the confidence necessary to move ahead as planned on the implementation.
  • Consultants were remote on a need basis. Therefore the client saw 50% in cost saving by using remote resources.
  • Complexity of the critical items – was considerably reduce with ease the STP developers were able to bridge the gap to be able to convert the data.
  • The no longer hires full time developers, instead STP handles all development on a need basis.
  • Client no longer bothers about picking the right candidates amongst several vendors. They focus on work completion.
  • Business user were impressed with developers who posses business knowledge and communicate very well. This took away the frustration.