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Every now and then, our customers are faced with coming up with a solution that is not available in SAP or the current solution does not integrate seamlessly with SAP. We help our customers by presenting them with a solution that has either been implemented successfully at other companies. We do this through our Product/App partners.

The first product that made more sense to us was ship-erp develop by ERP-IS. A product that seamlessly integrates with SAP. ShipERP integrates with all the major carriers and support Parcel, LTL, TL, FF and Ocean freight carriers. ERP-IS continually works with enterprise software and technology providers, carriers, freight forwarders, shippers and logistics service to provide exceptional integrated solutions for your transportation and technology needs.

Integration to us – means you:-

  • The SAP system – can call up tables or data from the product without always having to call the vendor for small changes. These changes may not be directly on the product, by management needs this info in their reports or to automate their processes.
  • The ABAP skillset required to understand the product – you already have it inhouse.
  • As SAP America upgrades or adds modules – the product continues be enhanced to continue to work.
We have already recommended this product to our client MCR Safety – who experienced success 30% savings in address corrections at residential locations.


Please find attached more materials on Ship-ERP. For more information on SHIP-ERP, click