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About Us

Who We Are

STP Consulting, Inc. a California Corporation was founded in 1997 to address the SAP shortage in the United States. Today STP continues to focus on just SAP. STP realizes that companies have made long term investments. They continue to make process improvements and upgrades.
They continue to run their business efficiently, automating as much as they can while still being able to respond to changing business needs. So far, no other ERP system still comes close to replacing SAP, in way that makes financial sense.

We are in this road – with both SAP America and the companies who have chosen SAP as their core platform.

Our Consultants

Our story starts with consultants who were involved with SAP R/3 from version 2.0, who were platinum level consultants, before SAP America introduced the designation. Our reputation is only as good as the consultants – that we place on your projects. We build long term relationship with consultants who excel at every SAP project.

We upgrade our consultant hiring standard every year in building our team of consultants. Some of our consultants have worked with big 4 consulting firms, some are ex-SAP America consultants. On average our consultants have over 15 years SAP experience, with the exception of modules and technologies that have been in the market less than 10 years.

Our Unique Understanding

We have a unique understanding of the IT leadership (IT Manager, IT Director, VP of IT and CIO) challenges.

  • Moving your business from a Legacy system to SAP ERP
  • Implementing a major SAP upgrade
  • Replacing a key member of your team in time to limit risk to the project
  • Rolling out SAP to subsidiary companies in better and improved way
  • Lowering the total cost of ownership of SAP
  • Staying ahead of IT, to implement the right modules of SAP leveraging the integrated system and supporting operation improvements.

Years of Experience


Consultant Network

While these can be achieved with internal staff, we know time is off the essence to your success.

Choosing a partner that understands your needs becomes a critical success factor.

Our Core Values

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is built from honesty, accountability, and what is best to serve others. Also, mutual respect is important to us to build quality and long-lasting relationships.

Our Vision

With our talented team we set a new standard for IT systems which allows clients to make critical informed decisions in less time. And our SAP skills enable our customers to get the information when and how they want it, thus providing a competitive advantage for them.

Our Promise

With our clients we will partner to close gaps, educate and train them to reduce stress, add efficiency, and on time delivery.

Our Core Values

Our management team is made up of experienced individuals with
Fortune 500 background and Big 5 consulting experience.

Candidate - Join Us

Are you Interested working with us ?

STP Consulting selects most of its candidates primarily from first-hand experience working with our consultants. Either you could be a candidate for a contract opportunity or a full-time placement at one of our client sites.

We know there are certain expectations you have of us. We honor the promises we make to you and at the same time expect the same from you. Our contracts are written for mutual benefit and with the aim of a long-term relationship.

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